Superintendent's Latest

April 29, 2021


A Message from ABLE Superintendent Clem Lee


Greetings, ABLE Families.


We thank our families for their regular input and feedback regarding ABLE’s instructional program.  It really helps us stay connected with our ABLE community.


In general, families appreciate the efforts of our teachers who work tirelessly to make distance learning the most it can be.  No one thinks distance learning is a good thing, but most people think our teachers do it as well or better than anyone.


Families also express appreciation for the multiple layers of support ABLE provides for students who disengage from time to time – something that is not hard to do in this learning environment.


Here are a couple of updates:

  • It is looking more like summer school will be a four-week program held all in July: July 1 – 30.  Classes will be held Monday through Thursday with students attending one of two 2-hour sessions.  The campus will observe all appropriate safety and sanitation protocols, and instruction will be in-person.  Enrollment information will be posted by May 10 as promised.

  • A “Summer School Information” tab will be added to ABLE’s website homepage next week for families ease of use.

  • It is worth repeating that school will start earlier than usual this fall: August 23.

  • ABLE will not be required to administer the annual state assessment (CAASPP).  We will administer our own local assessment, STAR Renaissance, which we already use and with which our students are very comfortable.  This comes as a huge relief to everyone who struggled with all the glitches and irregularities of the practice tests.

  • Graduation planning underway.  The format will be much like last year’s with each senior and senior’s family enjoying their own special moment of celebration and recognition.  Graduation will be held on Saturday, June 12 in the new gymnasium.  More information will be forthcoming very soon.


Be healthy and safe.  Godspeed.


s/Clem Lee