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A Message from ABLE Superintendent, Clem Lee

Tuesday, September 8, 2020


ABLE family – students, parents, teachers, staff, you are a part of history. 

You made it through the first day of school via distance learning in the extraordinary pandemic year of 2020.  You are part of something that has not been done before with no real idea about how long it will last.  Your experience today – and this year – is truly historic.

 - Clem Lee, ABLE Superintendent


By 8:00 am the entire administrative team was on the move about campus checking on faculty and staff.  Teachers were positive and upbeat and ready to be with their students.  Middle and high school teachers were engaging students online with questions about schedules and classes.  As 9:00 am rolled around elementary teachers’ faces lit up as they connected with their new students.  Pictures shared by families of students in their home “classrooms” were uplifting.


Principals said teachers reported minor challenges, generally related to signing into meeting platforms, but nothing major.


The first two weeks are mostly about gaining familiarity with procedures and online platforms.  Instructional programs will kick into a higher gear during the third week.


Please refer to the ABLE website for information: www.ablecharter.comIt is the go-to resource for all things ABLE and distance learning.  Clicking on the 'Distance Learning' tab at the top of the homepage or clicking on the 'Students' tab will connect you with almost anything you need.


If you have a technology challenge that requires more than simple information a teacher may provide, please contact our technology department by sending an email to  Of course, you may always call the school, too: 209-478-1600.


One of the most important things during this first week of school is connecting with the advisor.  Every student has an advisor to provide an additional layer of support and outreach to families.  In grades K-5 the student’s teacher is also the advisor.  In grades 6-12, students are assigned to an advisory teacher who can be found in PowerSchool.  Students need to know their advisor!


ABLE Families are the Best!

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