Superintendent's Latest

October 4, 2021


A Message from ABLE Superintendent Clem Lee


ABLE’s position remains clear:

Everyone who is eligible for the COVID vaccination

should get it now if they have not done so already!

And everyone 12 and older is eligible to receive the vaccine now.

More on this at the end of the bulletin…


Greetings, ABLE Students and Families!


It’s October already, and we enter the 7th week of school!  Our principals do an excellent job of communicating classroom-level information.  Here are some schoolwide matters for your consideration.


Governor’s Vaccine Mandate

Governor Newsom announced on Friday that all students and staff will be required to be vaccinated against COVID by as early as January.  The staff mandate is inconsequential as ABLE already requires staff members working on campus to be vaccinated.  As soon as a COVID vaccine receives full FDA approval for any given age group, affected students will be required to receive the vaccine.  All students in grades TK-12 would eventually be subject to the Governor’s mandate.


In the meantime, ABLE will read more deeply into the mandate and continue to communicate with our families to ensure the smoothest implementation possible.  ABLE will continue to uphold all state and federal vaccination requirements, as we have always done. 


We continue to believe that COVID vaccination is an important personal and public health measure, and that eligible individuals should receive the vaccine – as stated at the top of this bulletin.


Tiktok Challenges

I don’t like to be onerous and negative on this page, but the Tiktok challenges matter is serious, and we need parents’ help.


ABLE continues to respond to high levels of vandalism on campus which are in large part due a disturbing challenge currently issued on the social media app Tiktok.  Students are challenged to commit various acts, such as vandalism, which they also catch on camera and post on the app.


Our first plea is for parents to disallow the use of Tiktok – and most other social media apps, for that matter – by their children.  It is unnecessary.


If our plea doesn’t work, please know that students and their parents will be held accountable for the cost of vandalism, and students will face serious disciplinary action.


This is preventable nonsense.  We need your help.  Please talk to your children.


Other challenges apparently involve students slapping teachers, staff, or other students.  There will be zero tolerance for such behavior; in fact, it will be considered assault and handled as such.  We’re talking suspension, police involvement – serious stuff.  Again, please talk to your children.


COVID Protocols and Campus Life

COVID exposures continue to occur, and staff works very hard to communicate with families and keep everyone up to date on quarantine rules, independent study, and whatever else is necessary to keep us compliant with CDC and California DPH guidelines. The COVID update printed here two weeks ago remains at the bottom of this posting for your convenience. ABLE appreciates everyone’s cooperation and patience as we get closer, we hope, to emerging from this pandemic and truly returning to normal.


          The continued burden of COVID challenges can be exhausting to our staff

and exasperating to our families.  But the campus is full of energy and optimism and happiness despite COVID.  We WILL get through this.  There IS light at the end of the tunnel.  ABLE families and staff ARE the best.




COVID Information – Reprinted from the Last Bulletin

  • There have been COVID exposures at ABLE since school started.

  • When we learn that there has been a positive COVID case we follow CDC protocols and the guidelines in the COVID-19 Public Health Guidance for K-12 Schools published by the California Department of Public Health.  We also consult with the San Joaquin County Health Officer if we believe it is necessary.

  • When a student or staff member is positive for COVID we contact trace to determine who must quarantine.

  • If your child and/or your child’s siblings must quarantine YOU will be contacted directly by phone, email, and mail with instructions.

  • If you are NOT contacted, you should continue to send your child/children to school.

  • If your child/children shown ANY flu-like symptoms in the morning, keep them home!

  • Parents should share COVID test results with the front office – NOT the teacher or other parents.  Everyone who needs to know will eventually know, which leads to the next bullet.

  • Following the protocols and ABLE’s instructions will get all of us through this; panicking, overacting, and spreading stories are not helpful.


For children who must quarantine we will provide instructions for staying current with instruction.  It won’t be perfect, but we will do our best to keep children connected with their teacher(s) and with their studies.


If you have any questions about COVID protocols do not hesitate to contact the school.  ABLE staff are glad to assist you.