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ABLE’s target date for reopening with live instruction is January 28.

We will continue to monitor COVID-19 statistics in San Joaquin County, to confer with health and education officials, and to plan for a safe reopening.  If circumstances allow all or part of ABLE to reopen sooner than January 28, we will consider that.



If you have not already done so, please complete the online survey – above right - to indicate your family’s preference for in-person instruction or distance learning once ABLE reopens.


Please stay healthy and safe – and that means skipping the trick or treating Saturday night. 

Find an alternative way to celebrate Halloween!


October 30, 2020


Greetings, ABLE Families!


With a target date set for reopening we turn to other pressing matters.


Changes to Distance Learning

We planned to the best of our ability for distance learning to start the current school year.  We drew on input from parents, staff, and high school students, we consulted models from other school districts, and we drew upon our experience from last spring.


We were always clear, however, that once underway we would monitor the program carefully and not hesitate to make necessary changes based on students’ engagement and success.  Many of our high school students are very successful in distance learning.  But too many are not.  Principal HK Evans-Peterson will be making some changes to the schedule effective next Thursday. 


High school families, please look for these changes.


Students MUST Engage!

We will change the high school schedule.  And we will continue with the several layers of support provided to students and their families: teacher office hours and one-on-one contact, advisory class and monitoring with support of an academic advisory, access to counselors and social emotional support, a re-engagement team that reaches out when students aren’t connecting, technology support, and referrals to community-based resources that provide services.  These services exceed anything most districts are providing; it is part of the ABLE difference.


But students (ALL ABLE students) must SHOW UP and ENGAGE: logging into class remotely, doing the assignments, and asking for help needed.


When schools shut down last spring, we had to pivot hard into a distance learning model that was more “survival” learning.  Everyone did the best they could, and students were given enormous leniency related to their grades and credits.  No one would be unduly punished for the overwhelming challenges of the pandemic.


But now ABLE has the program and supports in place to make distance learning work, and everyone is held accountable for doing their part.


Students who do not engage in classes, do not connect with their teachers and advisors, and do not reach out for help when they need it are apt to fail their classes and fall behind in credits.


We will help any student and their family with anything under our power, but there is a limit to what ABLE can do if a student does next to nothing.


Thank you,

Clem Lee



P.S. Information about the new high school schedule may be found on the ABLE website in several places: the homepage, here on my “latest” page, bell schedules, high school page, and the upcoming events page.

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