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March 15, 2021

A Message from ABLE Superintendent Clem Lee


April 7, 2021


This message rightfully generated many questions.  A little bit of new information is highlighted in bold red font adjacent to the initial announcements.


Greetings, ABLE Families.


We have been in distance learning for a full year now, a year that has been marked by distinct unpredictability and uncertainty.  It is time to plan decisively for the near future and beyond.


Leading to today’s announcement we have been thorough in our deliberations based on

  • input from ABLE stakeholders including parents, students, employees, and board members;

  • input from ABLE families regarding their preferences;

  • ongoing interaction with education and health officials;

  • consideration of limited state and federal resources to support distance learning, reopening with an in-person option, and learning recovery; and

  • the ongoing analysis of COVID-related infection data.


We believe that the following represents the best plan for the safety of students, families, and staff as well as for the academic needs of ABLE pupils.


  1. ABLE will continue with its distance learning program through the end of the current school year, and there will not be an option for in-person, on-campus instruction.  ABLE will not reopen for in-person, on-campus instruction during the current school year.  If it is necessary for any student to come on-campus to attend to a limited and specific task, the family will be notified, and arrangements will be made.  This would usually concern students with special needs or administering specific assessments that are very difficult to do remotely.

  2. ABLE will design a dynamic summer session to address learning recovery and special needs, from approximately June 28 through August 6.  Attendance in the learning recovery summer school will be based on specific programmatic objectives and student need.  ABLE will determine students’ eligibility for summer school based on academic needs: learning loss and learning gaps validated by assessment data and teacher evaluation.  The scope of summer school will be limited by the amount of funding provided by the state, so, in all likelihood, students would be enrolled in summer school by invitation, not upon request.  We would intend summer school to be on-campus, in-person, but we are subject to state requirements.  As we do not yet know what those will be, we intend to plan for in-person instruction.  We tentatively plan to operate summer school from June 28 – August 6.  Formal information about summer school will be published on the website and made available through the office by no later than May 10.

  3. ABLE will reopen in August - instead of its traditional starting date after Labor Day – to provide students with a head start on regaining their academic bearings.  Again, ABLE intends to be back to business as usual in the fall with on-campus, in-person instruction.  The state will have the final word on that, but this is our intention.  The fall term will begin at ABLE on either August 16 or 23.  More information about the start of school this fall will also be published by May 10.


This is not perfect; no one will argue that it is.  But it provides much needed and long absent clarity and certainty, and it will allow the greater ABLE community to plan and our students to excel.


Be healthy and safe.  Godspeed.


s/Clem Lee


State Testing Update

The state and federal governments are in the process of finalizing requirements for annual testing.  ABLE is prepared to conduct testing under one of two different scenarios depending on what the government decides to require.  As soon as those decisions are finalized, ABLE will release testing information.

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