Academic Program

Resources to invest in our students' bright futures.

College   Readiness

ABLE's College-Ready Beliefs:

  • All students can earn a college degree.

  • All students can attend a college of their choice.

  • Dual enrollment coursework in high school elevates critical skills needed for college, career, and life.

  • Courses offered are A-G approved and align with CSU/UC guidelines.



College Board



Academic   Counseling

ABLE students are provided academic counseling (schedules and progress toward graduation), assistance with college selection and the application process, support for college entrance exam preparation, financial aid options, and liaison with Humphreys University.


Request to See a Counselor:

  • Grades TK-7

Mrs. Decraene

  • Grades 8-12

Ms. Beltran

(Students with last names: A-L)


Mrs. Contreras

(Students with last names: M-Z)


Transcript Requests

Letter of Recommendation

PSAT, SAT, &   ACT Exams

College entrance exams set ABLE students a part from other applicants, given the competitive nature of the application process. The purpose of these exams is to measure a student's readiness for college. College admissions officers review exam scores alongside a student's high school GPA, courses taken, letters of recommendation, extracurricular activities, admissions interviews, and personal essays. Recognizing the importance of these exams, ABLE provides its high school students the opportunity to partake. Exam fee waivers are available, for those who qualify.


SAT Registration

Khan Academy

Test Prep Review

Financial Aid

College finances can be a challenge for most. ABLE supports its high school students with searching and completing: a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid), Cal Grant, and a minimum of two scholarships, in their Senior year at ABLE. Learning about the various types of financial aid available and applying, brings students that much closer to the reality of financial support.


I Can Afford College


FAFSA (Federal Student Aid)

Student Aid Commission


Specialized   Instruction

In our resource setting, students with learning challenges are given consistent specialized academic instruction to transition back into the general education program 100% of the time. Because our students' individual needs are diverse, ABLE provides a range of service options that are compatible with the identified need of each student which may include: curriculum modifications, supports,  accommodations, speech and language support as well as related therapy and monthly consultative services (a service more common among our high school students).

Social-   Emotional       Counseling

ABLE offers counseling individually or through small groups. The focus varies depending on the needs of the student(s). Counseling services are designed to be short-term. If there is a greater need, referrals for services outside of ABLE Charter Schools are available upon request or at discretion of the school counselor. A confidential Referral for Counseling Services form is also available in the office. You are welcome to stop by, call, or send an email to do so.

Request to See a Counselor:

  • Grades TK - 7

Mrs. Decraene

  • Grades 8-12

Ms. Beltran

(Students with last names: A-L)


Mrs. Contreras

(Students with last names: M-Z)

ABLE's Community


The ACCC (ABLE Charter Community Council) serves as an advisory council to the ABLE administration and Board of Directors. The council is composed of democratically elected parents, teachers, and community members.


This council meets every first Thursday of the month. If interested in attending, please contact our main office.

Meeting Minutes:



Dual Enrollment

ABLE partners with Humphreys University (local private university) and San Joaquin Delta College (local community college), to give its students the opportunity to advance in collegiate courses, while simultaneously completing their high school diploma. Some students have earned their HS diploma and Associates Degree at the same time.


How to Guide


Service Programs

ABLE expects students to connect and partner with community members, businesses, and organizations in preparation for being well rounded citizens during life after high school and into college. We believe this will ultimately make a difference in our community and help students discover a possible career pathway.

Students in grades 5th-12th participate in a continuum of school service, community service, and mentorships. 



Service Guidelines

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