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A Bit About Us

Building a Legacy

ABLE was born of the vision of Wilma Okamoto Vaughn and Dr. Robert Humphreys, Sr. who foresaw a high school to serve the students of greater Stockton in the tradition of Humphreys University. ABLE’s unique blend of a digital learning platform with the best practices of direct instruction sets it apart from other schools. The partnership with Humphreys University allows students to take college coursework to earn college and high school credit, simultaneously.


Our Mission & Vision

ABLE 2022-2023 Mission

Return to Excellence!


ABLE’s Goal

Students belong and achieve.


ABLE’s Method

Facilitate academic confidence and success,

build positive relationships, and

deliver high-quality instruction.


ABLE’s Vision

Students will prosper in a safe and nurturing environment that provides

  • foundational academic success, excitement for inquiry and

exploration, and stimulation of love for learning;

  • exposure to the extraordinary diversity of greater Stockton

and San Joaquin County;

  • college preparatory coursework and early college opportunities;

  • highly trained teachers who combine the best instructional

practices with a technology-rich environment; and

opportunities for career pathways

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